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Bermuda Breakthrough - Women's 8 day Mastermind & Retreat

⇒ 3 days mastermind

⇒ 3 different specialist mentors and coaches

⇒ Incorporating  workshops on focus, fulfilment, entrepreneurial creation and business innovation

⇒ Individual discovery and development of personalised strategic roadmap for measurable success

⇒ Mastermind group creation and programme based on your needs and objectives

⇒ 5 days retreat

⇒ Decompression and stress removal

⇒ Relaxation, meditation, pampering and positivity

⇒ Gentle exercise and fitness routine

⇒ Benefit from the wonders this beautiful island has for you including spas, golf, pink beaches, coral reefs, scuba, sailing

The Bermuda Breakthrough is only held 2 or 3 times during the year. Enquiries now open for 2018. Places are strictly limited so please email rapidly with any questions and to apply for registration on the waiting list. (Subject to evaluation and acceptance...)

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⇒ Why me? Do I understand the problems for women wanting to focus on creativity and fulfilment? ⇒ Yes, I most certainly do

.I started my career in the City [of London]. I worked primarily in press, shipping and oil before moving into the entertainment industry and then investment/real estate.

I loved all the business I did in my early career, the atmosphere, the special dynamics you get in high-powered, pressured City type domains, but I always felt something was missing.

In the more 'business' non-creative fields I could never settle, I was always searching for something new and different. I wanted to feel the passion and satisfaction, the fulfilment that comes when you are using all your talents, following your passions and feeling the real 'flow' of all your energies and strengths coming together focusing on being the best you can be. For me creativity makes the heart sing!

That's why I created and became CEO of my first company in the entertainment industry at age 32. I was at my happiest when in the creative fields whether performing arts like music or directed towards design - architecture, interior design, renovations - which I delighted in with my second company.