Bernadette Phillips

Join us today with our guest Bernadette Phillips, sociologist, social activist, broadcaster, radio presenter, poet and motivational speaker.

. We will be discussing :

– Transformational and Conscious Leadership. How we can use communication and collaboration to become better leaders.

– Impact of Transformational/Conscious Leadership on Women roles in corporate business or as entrepreneurs. Choices and priorities, creativity and change – how these can help define our careers

– Leadership lessons. How we can transition these and help others as well as ourselves – Women influencing greater Transformational/Conscious Leadership in the World

– Changes to Women’s Leadership roles over the past 20/30years. Attitude and different challenges and ways of progressing

Listen to Bernadette’s experience, advice and tips on using transformational and conscious leadership to support women, their equality and empowerment!



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Bernadette Phillips is founder of ‘New Insights For Change’. Her experience spans over 35 years providing Conscious Wellbeing Programmes and Training For Transformation Facilitation with a focus on Global Citizenship, Gender Equality, Social Enterprise and Conscious Leadership, in and with Community, Business and Education sectors. Bernadette is a qualified Social Scientist/Sociologist and also holds an MA in Women’s Studies (sociology, gender, equality and literature). She is also a Social Activist with a focus on human rights and civil rights and a Broadcaster, Radio Presenter, Poet, Motivational Speaker and Intuitive Personal Development Mentor for Life and Business with a focus on Health, Wellbeing and Conscious Living


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Anna Letitia Cook
Anna Letitia Cook

Anna Letitia Cook - author, speaker, radio presenter - is passionate about mentoring women in finding clarity and fulfilment in their life choices. She created and became CEO of her first company in the entertainment industry at age 32. Midlife approaching, hungry for a dynamic change, she refocused her experience, founding WomenUP Ltd to help women shape their own future. Creator of the 'SCOPE' and '4Fs' processes for career, fulfilment and holistic success. Author of ‘Unstoppable Goddess: Every Women’s Guide to Freedom, Fulfilment and Success’. UN Women's 2016-2017 Global Champion for Change @ Empower Women. ...On the personal front: Mum, Granny, ‘flattie’ owner, horse lover, ballet fanatic, hiker! Into castle renovations, sculpture, farming, yoga. Drinks tea...