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Helping companies create and implement a long-term gender balance strategy and women’s career advancement programme.  The main thrust of the business is consulting at Directorial level, so a Board can implement a short and long-term strategy to provide nurturing and encouragement for younger employees, progressing right through to the highest level.

Key Features:

Working with CEO’s, Chairmen, Board of Directors 

Key features 

  • Creation and implementation of a short and long-term gender balance strategy and women's career advancement programme
  • Provide nurturing and encouragement for younger employees, progressing right through to the highest level
  • Designed to place the emphasis on women and men working together in harmony, complementing each others’ strengths and weaknesses

Coaching & Training

  • Strong focus on training for women so they are supported, mentored and encouraged to move forwards and upwards
  • Additional mixed group training also ensures that both sexes understand more about working together to achieve a better workplace environment

Avoid these problems:

  • Union and/or legal action for gender discrimination.
  • Bad reputation / public image for not integrating gender balance.
  • If a wrong / incompetent person is chosen / promoted just to balance statistics, you risk bad decisions and stress, as well as pressure at senior management and board level.
  • If just  ‘any’ woman is promoted, there is a significant risk of key male directors/managers leaving because they consider the promotion was not awarded on merit - irrespective of sex.
  • Company could miss out on some very capable dynamic female (and quite possibly male) high performers due to having a ‘bad’ gender balance (discrimination)  policy.


  • Recognition

    Company has the image of being efficient, nurturing, at the forefront, progressive, open-minded and caring

  • Staff Retention & Team Spirit

    Better team co-operation – atmosphere in the company is loyal, organised and effective. This leads to better staff retention, increased customer satisfaction and loyalty both to and within the company because staff are happier and therefore more productive.

  • Win - Win Situation

    Corporation benefits from increased company loyalty and this means significantly better overall results

  • Results

    Statistically, companies with women on the Board have better financial results and ROI.

  • Cooperation, progress, achievement

    Men and women work better together, are more supportive and use their different but complementary strengths and character traits to improve the overall standing of the company

  • Advancement

    Stronger mutual support and greater respect between colleagues, leading to fairer promotion opportunities for both sexes

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