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Fernanda Moura + Taciana Mello

SPECIAL: A spotlight on 'Women Entrepreneurs Around the World' with 'The Girls on the Road'  fortnightly

Join us hearing from ‘The Girls on the Road’ in their quest to support women entrepreneurs around the world. You can see the documentary about this trip when it comes out next year. Fernanda and Taciana are visiting 24 countries interviewing women and researching the conditions, business ecosystems, challenges and advantages that exist in each country.

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Patricia Allen

Financial Freedom and its impact on Women's Empowerment

Patricia Allen, CRPC®, is an author, speaker and financial adviser specialising in helping women navigate the complex world of personal finance and wealth management. As a professional woman working in a male-dominated field for over 22 years, Patricia has recognized that a woman’s style of communication and ways of learning are different than most men. She has a proven track record for providing an environment that supports women’s natural style of communicating by helping ​them​ leverage their strengths to accomplish more with their money and take control of their financial lives. Patricia is dedicated to providing continuous education in financial literacy and wealth management; working toward solutions ​in help​ing​ women achieve financial independence and success. “Financial security is personal freedom”

Jeff Barth

The Importance of Men in Women's Empowerment

Jeff Barth is the Program Director of MARC (Men Advocating Real Change), a learning community for professional men who are committed to building inclusive workplaces. He's responsible for the development, implementation, and marketing of MARC’s strategy and initiatives aimed at empowering individuals to become inclusive leaders and powerful forces for change in the workplace.  As an expert on engaging men, Jeff also provides external training, does speaking engagements, and takes part in creating and expanding Catalyst’s engaging men programs. Jeff formerly held the positions of Program Manager and European Marketing Manager of MARC. Before joining Catalyst, Jeff managed political campaigns for federal and local candidates. He holds a joint Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Sociology from Utah Valley University.

Ruth Sacks

The Hampton Alexander Report + Championing More Women on FTSE Boards and in Leadership

Ruth Sacks – Principal Consultant at Boardroom Focus, Ruth works on strategic change assignments, leadership development, one to one support and diversity related projects. Ruth is also exploring the challenges of the multi-generational organisation. Ruth is a Director at GreenSpring Educational Trust and Chair of the Performance & General Purposes Committee. She volunteers through the “Inspiring the Future’ programme in schools. She acts as a coach and mentor for enterprise activities. When not working, she spends time with friends and family, goes to the theatre, tries and fails to stay away from email. Ruth has worked in Europe, Lebanon, Morocco, the USA, Malaysia and Hong Kong.  She worked in Paris for 14 years and speaks fluent French.

Jutta Jerlich

Learning, Creating, Growing and Empowering Yourself from Your Own Experiences + Moving Forwards More Positively and Powerfully

Jutta Jerlich - Program Director CEO Collaboration Dayhas always been passionate about bringing things to life. Her partners and clients love her creativity and the unconventional ways she approaches challenges and transforms them into learning. She believes that there is no success or failure, but answers to questions or results from experiments. Jutta is also the Initiator and co-founder of FuckUp Nights Basel. As a Technology Marketing and Business Development Expert, she worked with world-renowned professors and global experts in their fields, connecting them with industry. She developed and created programs to foster technology education & transfer, as well as public awareness about the importance of cutting edge new technologies and scientific achievements for the well-being of an economic region and the society as a whole.

Misba Khan

Courage, Integration, Culture and Drive - The Women’s Euro Arabian North Pole Expedition

Misba Khan, 49, from Manchester, works part of a finance team in the NHS. A mum of two who’s now showing her kids it’s time for her to have some fun. She describes it as an exciting and transformational stage in her life. A member of The Women’s Euro Arabian North pole Expedition by joining the team she hopes that she would be able to form bridges between different cultures by encouraging women within and out of her community to gain new skills. She would "like to show people that those from all abilities and backgrounds can get involved in activities that may push themselves for their own self-development.

Miranda Brawn

Personal Branding and Its impact on Women's Empowerment

With a background as an investment banker and barrister, Miranda Brawn is a high profile multi-award winning senior business, legal and diversity executive. Founder of The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation which won an award from Prime Minister Theresa May and personal praise by HRH Prince Charles of Wales for her UK history making diversity work. Advisor & patron to a number of companies, charities, individuals & governments. Experienced in helping organisations grow by improving their digital footprint with effective marketing and social media. With practical tips and tools, Miranda will demonstrate how to navigate the world of professional social media to maximum effect and effectively build a personal brand

Joan Michelson

Advancing Women in the World of Sustainability and Energy

Joan Bryna Michelson, MBA is an award-winning marketing communications leader, journalist and public speaker who specializes in advancing women, and in sustainability-energy. She is Executive Producer and Host of the acclaimed podcast Green Connections Radio, which was chosen by USA Today as one of the top six podcasts for business travelers, has a blog in the Huffington Post, and served as a reporter-producer with top media organization.  She also does strategic consulting and spent many years as a communications and marketing leader with Fortune 100 companies, including Chrysler, American Express and Deloitte.

Patrice Baptiste

Diversity in Medicine and Opening the Doors for the Next Generation

Dr. Baptiste has always been passionate about medicine; from a young age she aspired to become a doctor. After qualifying in 2013 she began working as a medical doctor in London. Currently Patrice is training to become a General Practitioner (GP). Dr. Baptiste is also a freelance writer and has written for the British Medical Association (BMA), the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and the Medical Protection Society (MPS), to name but a few. Patrice works closely with students who wish to enter top universities such as University College London (UCL) and study highly competitive courses like Medicine. During 2016 she launched DreamSmartTutors, an organization that aims to help prospective medical students; especially (but not exclusively) students from less privileged and BME backgrounds. As a STEMNET ambassador, Patrice aims to encourage students to pursue STEM subjects

Martina Buchal

Sustainable Development Goals for Empowering Women + Why Mindfulness and Fulfilment are Key

Martina Buchal is an internationally recognized speaker, coach, and consultant, with a background in law and diplomacy, recently selected as Real Leaders Magazine's #34 most Visionary Leader. For over 3 years, she has been traveling the globe listening to, empowering, and working alongside others to engage their voices and talents to create a more positive future for our planet through the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. She has traveled to more than 30 countries, engaged with thousands of people worldwide and spoken on prestigious stages including the United Nations' Educators Conference, and the Summit of the Americas, where she was invited to speak by special invitation from the Vice President of Panama herself. The focus of her work is enabling others to use the #StartWithin approach, which recognizes that we all have the power and capacity to actively change our lives, and our individual as well as collective future, by starting within.

Vivien Hoexter

Non Profits - Insights, performance and lasting social impact for a more enlightened world

Vivien Hoexter, a principal of H2Growth Strategies LLC, provides counsel on planning, development and governance to nonprofits, foundations and corporations for improved performance, increased revenues, and lasting social impact for a more enlightened world. H2Growth has partnered with 100 organizations to raise over $1.5 billion.

Previously, Hoexter was: CEO, Gilda’s Club Worldwide; VP-Marketing and Development, John Jay College; VP, AFS-USA; DOD, The Hunger Project.  Education: BA-History (magna cum laude), Yale University; MBA-Marketing the Wharton School, UPENN.  Member, Yale Alumni Nonprofit Alliance.

John Levine

How music can assist women in their careers to help alleviate stress, sleep better, have more energy and better manage the challenges between professional and private lives

John studied music composition at Sydney University, graduating with the prestigious Bachelors of Music (Composition) degree. He won the Pepsi Cola Rock contest at the Sydney Opera House. He co-owned a recording studio where they recorded ‘INXS’ and ‘Midnight Oil’. Eager to explore the relationship between music and the mind to aid mental and physical health, John continued his academic career whilst studying unconventional mind techniques such as transcendental meditation. Developing his scientific understanding of meditation and its impact on the mind, he founded Alphamusic, a natural music remedy to treat ill health.

Teresa Ramos

Women in STEM + Business Schools and Coaching for Professional Development

Teresa Ramos, after 23 years’ experience leading global teams with three of the world´s largest telecom companies - British Telecom, Vodafone and Telefonica - opted for a dynamic career change. She now combines coaching and leadership training work with being Technlogy and Innovation Director at IE (instituto de empresa), a world class University and business school. As well as her expertise in STEM (degree in theoretical physics, masters in telecommunications engineering and an MBA) Teresa also followed one of her passions with a Degree in music at the Conservatorio Salamanca.

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