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"Inspiring professional and entrepreneurial women to live well in every possible way"

Clarity → Inspiration → Fulfilment

fade-leftfade-rightStart with the SCOPE Process

SCOPE is a simple, step-by-step blueprint to help you find the personal and career fulfilment you want and deserve.

→ Get get clear on what you want to be and do

→ Find what will fulfil you

→ Organise the transition from where you are now to where you want to be,

→ Gain impressive insights on your thought processes, your actions and reactions, your real strengths and talents, where your interests really lie, what you want to experience in your life.

SCOPE will give you the opportunity to discover who you really are and who you are meant to be.

creativity and fulfilmentFulfilment and Creativity

Live life with passion! Discover what you need to experience flow while developing your own choice of future.

  • Align your strengths and interests and release your creative energy
  • Develop activities that optimise engagement, energy and focus
  • Enjoy fulfilment, create your own style of modern day success

Getting the right person for the jobCareer, Charisma and the C-suite

  • Providing individual coaching to high-flying women executives
  • Group training to nurture upwardly-mobile ambitious career women
  • Mixed group training for positive, productive integration and collaboration between women and men at all levels within the organisation.
⇒ Which service is best suited to you? Well, it probably depends on what issues you need to address.

My products flow easily and smoothly from one to the other for an all-encompassing package that will create a consistent pipeline of opportunities and progress for you, your company and your staff. Alternatively, you may prefer to concentrate on one aspect depending on your current situation and laser focused objectives.

Are you a high flying career woman searching to develop and succeed in your choice of the future and reach the highest level of responsibility, achieving parity with your male counterparts while retaining your own character and femininity. Lets talk about a customised individual WomenUP Coaching and Leadership program to address your specific objectives.

Why don’t you contact me and we can talk about your needs, objectives and options? Phone me on +44 (0)151 528 5159, or email me so we can talk about your situation.

As a business leader, do you have to negotiate, adapt and evolve to provide the best results for your Board, your Company and your shareholders, while working well under pressure in challenging circumstances?

→ Do you need clarity on which direction, focus or path to take ensure a smooth and successful evolution towards gender balance at the top levels of your organisation, and with a positive impact on the figures as well as the personnel? Then lets discuss the benefits you will gain with the WomenUP Corporate Integration Strategy solution.

→ Do you already have your gender balance strategy planned out but need to arrange the coaching and training necessary for the best way of putting it into practice both for your high flyers and team players? If so, let’s discuss the options you could use in the WomenUP Career Advancement Coaching and Training.

Phone +44 (0)151 528 5159, or email so we can talk about your situation.

WomenUP Corporate Integration Strategy

Working as a trusted advisor with the Chairman or CEO to implement the optimal strategy for achieving gender balance intelligently and calmly over the long term, ensuring best results for the company and the personnel... ...The Win-Win Solution!

Call me on +44 (0)151 528 5159, use the contact form or email me direct on so we can talk about your situation.