The term ‘self empowerment’ may or may not be gramatically correct. It may sound like one of those ‘airy fairy’, new age faddy (is that a word?) expressions, that don’t seem to have a place in the mind or indeed the vocabulary of a self made business woman or one working in a competitive industry.

When aiming for success in the world of business, we look to the practical strategies that must be in place and quite rightly so. We look to networking with women and men who have the experience and knowledge in our chosen field, to give us clues as to the methods to use and pitfalls to avoid on our journey to a particular goal and quite rightly so.

But the one thing we often neglect to use in preparation for career success is the ability to dig deep into our own psyche and recognise that the first person whose understanding and praise we need is ourselves.

You may not yet be an expert in entrepreneurship, but you have all it takes to hold a Masters Degree in self knowledge and more importantly, self love.  This is a qualification that can and does form the foundation for realising your dream.

It is well known, certainly regarding older women, that we tend to allow insufficient self esteem to cloud our judgement, to ignore our potential. This is a real stumbling block but the ability to recognise, analyse and then minimise or better still eliminate self doubt will be the best foundation for success.

Recognise your shortcomings and what causes them but never let them deter you.  Be your own mentor and best friend first – it’s the formula for success in anything you long for.

Jules Bannister

Jules Bannister's career has done 'the rounds' starting with women's magazine journalism then onto TV and radio promotion in the music business, following on into production work at the BBC, on Radio 4's News, Consumer and Drama departments. Fast forward several years and we find Jules working as a professional singer and actress with a love and a talent for performance. Jules is finally returning to her first love of journalism, once more putting to use her knack for empowering women of all ages and from every walk of life with the written and spoken word. Jules believes that how we write and what we say are an art form and a powerful tool with which to achieve our goals.