A certain newsletter dropped through my door the other day – well into my inbox 😉 actually… How I wish I still received letters, so much more enticing. However, I digress!

This one was from one of my gurus, I have only two people that I actually read their newsletters ALWAYS (and they both write daily too) as they are worth it every time, most of the rest is dross… Goodness, I hope you don’t class my pearls of wisdom like that – if so feel free to unsubscribe immediately. Life is for living and enjoying, not for wasting time on things that don’t interest you!

This one was about finding what you really do. It was revelatory for me and the clarity it has given me is amazing, particularly as I have been in a period on refocussing and filtering. So perfect timing too!

So what is it? What are these three words and how do they help you?

Think about your life over the last 10 or 15 years, longer if you are my age group, lol 😉. What have you been doing? Where have you been going? Include your whole life so professional, personal and everything you are involved in. What has your journey been? How would you sum it up?

I would describe mine as being on a journey of discovery and exploration to know myself better and if I want to add another phrase I would add and to enjoy being the person that I am.  Note at this stage you need to be totally self-focussed.

You need to know who you are to be able to make free choice and go in the direction you want to go… If not you will go in endless circles, wasting time, effort and lacking imagination or commitment – you will lock yourself into a cage! Now do you really want to be in a cage for the rest of your life? No, of course not!

So think about your journey… listen to your own voice and sum it up, maybe write it down somewhere discreetly (or openly) so you can check back with yourself from time to time…

Now, and here is the key to your three words… What are the fruits of these years of thinking about yourself? What three words sum that up?




In a way that helps people embrace themselves – it might be opening doors to courage, to change, to health, to freedom, to new ideas, to more fulfilment, even, dare I say it, to happiness!

My intuition and empathy are quite developed and I can sense people’s frustration, confusion, hesitation, disorientation and can open the doors for people to feel who and what they want to be deep down.  I can see what others sometimes hide in themselves and help them open the door to free and embrace themselves…

Each day is a magical gift to fully explore and delight in… What are your three words? Isn’t it worth it to you to find out?


Anna Letitia Cook
Anna Letitia Cook

Anna Letitia Cook - author, speaker, radio presenter - is passionate about mentoring women in finding clarity and fulfilment in their life choices. She created and became CEO of her first company in the entertainment industry at age 32. Midlife approaching, hungry for a dynamic change, she refocused her experience, founding WomenUP Ltd to help women shape their own future. Creator of the 'SCOPE' and '4Fs' processes for career, fulfilment and holistic success. Author of ‘Unstoppable Goddess: Every Women’s Guide to Freedom, Fulfilment and Success’. UN Women's 2016-2017 Global Champion for Change @ Empower Women. ...On the personal front: Mum, Granny, ‘flattie’ owner, horse lover, ballet fanatic, hiker! Into castle renovations, sculpture, farming, yoga. Drinks tea...