Jules Bannister

Join us on WomenUP Radio with our guest Jules Bannister, her career covers a mix of journalism and professional acting and singing with production work in BBC Radio and the music business in between. We will be discussing:

– Creative Careers – journalism, acting, radio, singing and the music business – the benefits and the issues,

 – Double Whammy for older women in the performing arts. Stereotypes, casting, producers, screenwriters

– Opportunities to improve gender balance. Where to start and at what level

Listen to Jules’ experience, advice and tips on creative careers and different sectors to work in!

“A public speaker in ANY business must have charisma and the talent to entertain people and thus put their message across” – Jules Bannister



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Jules Bannister is a 63 year old woman from West London with a passion for writing words and in addition a talent for speaking and singing them.

Having started working life as an Editorial Assistant for a Mother and Baby magazine and progressing to a writer on a Teen magazine, her work opportunities diminished and work dried up.

A spell as a Promotions Assistant for a major record company was followed by her position as a Production Assitant for BBC Radio 4 during which Jules re-kindled her love of performing by joining the BBC’s amateur dramatic society and was inspired to become professional, taking both residential and evening classes as well as professional singing tuition.

It was at this time that a wonderful real life role became her focus and marriage and motherhood caused a break in her pursuit of a performing career.

After an unexpected 5 year spell as a divorced single mum, Jules was encouraged to become a professional singer by her musician partner and subsequent husband. Having joined a couple of covers bands entertaining at clubs, weddings and social events, Jules, now in her early 50’s turned again to her love of acting and achieved some work in fringe theatre, playing in contemporary dramas and musical theatre.

Jules has never lost her passion for performing, but as an almost permanently ‘resting’ actress she has time to fire up her love affair with writing and journalism. As a life long feminist she hopes to excite, inspire and reach out to like minded women from all walks of life.


Jules’ social media:

Blog: Soc Drawer

LinkedIn: Jules Bannister

Twitter: @jbwritetime

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Anna Letitia Cook

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