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Jeff Barth

The Importance of Men in Women's Empowerment

Jeff Barth is the Senior Director of MARC (Men Advocating Real Change), a learning community for professional men who are committed to building inclusive workplaces. He's responsible for the development, implementation, and marketing of MARC’s strategy and initiatives aimed at empowering individuals to become inclusive leaders and powerful forces for change in the workplace.  As an expert on engaging men, Jeff also provides external training, does speaking engagements, and takes part in creating and expanding Catalyst’s engaging men programs. Before joining Catalyst, Jeff managed political campaigns for federal and local candidates. Listen to the interview HERE

Ruth Sacks

Championing More Women on FTSE Boards and in Leadership (The Hampton Alexander + CMI Women's Blueprint for Balance Reports)

Ruth Sacks – Principal Consultant at Boardroom Focus, Ruth works on strategic change assignments, leadership development, one to one support and diversity related projects. Ruth is also exploring the challenges of the multi-generational organisation. Ruth is a Director at GreenSpring Educational Trust and Chair of the Performance & General Purposes Committee. She volunteers through the “Inspiring the Future’ programme in schools. She acts as a coach and mentor for enterprise activities. Ruth has worked in Europe, Lebanon, Morocco, the USA, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Listen to the interview HERE

Harbeen Arora

Women’s Economic Progress and Development

Harbeen Arora – Global Leader, Speaker, Educationist, Philanthropist, Spiritualist,Author, Entrepreneur and Businesswoman, Dr. Arora is the Global Chairperson of the ALL LADIES LEAGUE, a global chamber of women with 500+ chapters worldwide across 150 countries with over 50,000 members, and growing; and also of Women Economic Forum that holds major conferences in India and other countries with the aim of economic progress for women. Chancellor of Rai University in Ahmedabad, Rai Technology University in Bangalore and Jharkhand Rai University in Ranchi in India. Author of three books: on creative living, on values and on education. Listen to the interview HERE

Chiara Condi

Changing Your Life with Women’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Chiara Condi founded Led By HER (www.ledbyher.org), an organization that works on women’s entrepreneurship, innovation and gender-based violence. In partnership with two business schools, IESEG and ESCP as well as the support of various companies Led By HER helps women who have suffered from violence rebuild their lives through entrepreneurship. Led By HER offers a yearlong program of courses, individual mentoring, and events with the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Chiara previously worked at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, where she worked to maximize the gender impact of investments. She graduated from Harvard and from Sciences Po/LSE. Listen to the interview HERE

Alexandra Levit

Empowering Business Women Through The Generations

Alexandra Levit’s goal is to prepare organizations and their employees for meaningful careers in the future workplace. A former nationally syndicated columnist for the Wall Street Journal and writer for the New York Times, Fast Company, and Forbes, Alexandra has co-authored the new book Mom.B.A.: Essential Business Advice from One Generation to the Next with NPD Group CEO Karyn Schoenbart. Listen to the interview HERE

Karen Sands

Ageism in the Workplace and Ageism in Empowerment

Karen Sands – Leading GeroFuturist and thought leader on the Longevity Economy and Ageless Aging. An advocate for The New Story of Our Age, she is a “visionary with wrinkles” who empowers people to rock their Age. High-impact Certified Master & Mentor Coach for visionary world shakers, conscious entrepreneurs and change makers who are ready to shape the world and their role in it. A Trusted Advisor and expert authority on midlife, Boomers and women 40+ for go-getters who want to stay in sync with the people who keep them in business. #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Firecracker Speaker and All-Around Game Changer. Listen to the interview HERE

Zerbanoo Gifford

Young Women as Changemakers + How They Shape Our Future!

Zerbanoo Gifford – Author, human rights campaigner and founder of the ASHA Foundation and Centre, Zerbanoo Gifford holds the International Woman of the Year Award 2006 for her humanitarian work, which spans over forty five years of grassroots and global activism. Presented with the Nehru Centenary Award in 1989 for her work championing the rights of women, children and minorities. Pioneer for BAME women in British politics, elected as a councillor in Harrow in 1982 and the first BAME women to stand for parliament. She chaired the Commission ‘Looking into ethnic minority involvement in British Life’ and was a member of the advisory group on Race Relations to the former British Home Secretary. Director of Anti-Slavery International, awarded the Freedom of the City of Lincoln, Nebraska for her work combating modern slavery and racism. Zerbanoo has authored seven books. For her latest ‘Confessions to a Serial Womaniser – Secrets of the worlds Inspirational women’ she was awarded a ‘NESTA (National Endowment of Science Technology and Arts) Fellowship’. Listen to the interview HERE

Pamela Meekings-Stewart

Women in TV and Film, Career Choices, Independence + Change Management

Pamela Meekings-Stewart, a New Zealander, was, for over 25 years, a film and television producer/director (documentaries and drama) at two major media organisations – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Toronto, and Television New Zealand, Wellington. She has won a number of awards for her dramatized documentary series, Pioneer Women. A trained facilitator, she designs and delivers seminars on human resources management, change management, staff motivation, development, careers, professional (and life) skills for both the public and private sectors. Since 1990 she has run her own company – The Woolshed Retreats – on her farm just outside Wellington, New Zealand where she offers spiritual retreats and Total Pampering Days. Listen to the interview HERE

Bernadette Phillips

The Need for Transformational/Conscious Leadership to Support Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment

Bernadette Phillips is founder of ‘New Insights For Change’. Her experience spans over 35 years providing Conscious Wellbeing Programmes and Training For Transformation Facilitation with a focus on Global Citizenship, Gender Equality, Social Enterprise and Conscious Leadership, in and with Community, Business and Education sectors. Bernadette is a qualified Social Scientist/Sociologist and also holds an MA in Women’s Studies (sociology, gender, equality and literature). She is also a Social Activist with a focus on human rights and civil rights and a Broadcaster, Radio Presenter, Poet, Motivational Speaker and Intuitive Personal Development Mentor for Life and Business with a focus on Health, Wellbeing and Conscious Living. Listen to the interview HERE

Philip Carr-Gomm

Creativity and Respect for Women and how the values of different cultures, such as Druidry, develop this and, also, de-stress/energise

Philip Carr-Gomm: Philip lives in the wide open landscape of the South Downs in Sussex, England, with his wife Stephanie. In his teens, he began studying Druidry, a culture that strongly believes in women as equals and leaders, as a spiritual path with Ross Nichols, the founder of The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids. With a degree in psychology from University College London, psychotherapy for adults at The Institute of Psychosynthesis, play therapy for children with Dr Rachel Pinney, and in Sophrology – a wonderful system of mind-body training for deep relaxation and personal development, Philip also trained in Montessori education and founded the Lewes Montessori School. In 1988 he was asked to lead The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids, and he combines this role with writing, and giving talks and workshops. Listen to the interview HERE

Fernanda Moura + Taciana Mello

Women’s Empowerment through Entrepreneurship – Different Countries’ Visions and Business Ecosystems

Fernanda Moura and Taciana Mello, (The Girls on the Road), creators of the Founders Project. Hear about their journey from corporate highflyers to travelling the world in support of Women’s Entrepreneurial Empowerment. Nowadays, they like to present themselves as inspiration seekers, but not so long ago, both worked in multinational companies such as Deloitte and PwC. Fernanda is a lawyer, but she fell in love with the business world and from there, to start “consuming” and getting to know about entrepreneurship was a leap. Taciana followed the path in the Marketing & Communication fields, added some hints of innovation, design thinking and went on to learn from the startup world. They have traveled the world (24 countries) interviewing and learning about women entrepreneurs’ stories, and their ecosystem. Listen to the interview HERE and access the special series 'Women Entrepreneurs Around the World'

Sarah Daninthe

Women in Sport, Sport Disciplines for Business, Career Changes, Start Ups, Tech and Big Data

Sarah Daninthe: A two-times world champion and Olympic medalist, transformed into a digital native, passionate about the world of start-ups and innovation. Mentor for startups week end and jury at events related to innovation, especially alongside Axel Lemaire, in charge of innovation and digital in France and Thierry Braillard, in charge of sport at the Ministry of Sports. Sarah is a strong supporter and actively involved in diverse topics such as: Representation of Women in Sport; Women in Digital Arena; Health and Sport in Our Lives; Reaching Your Goals…. Listen to the interview HERE

Stephanie Green

Women in STEM + Inspiring the Next Generation

Stephanie Green – Artist, Activist, Entrepreneur and Businesswoman, Stephanie Green is passionate about building lasting gender equality. At 21 she became the country’s youngest councillor in her home town of Taunton. By 25 she was Circulation Director at an international publishing house. Following her love of graphic design she opened her own successful studio seven years ago. In 2016 she founded Dauntless Daughters to create bold, diverse illustrations, stories, games, goods and services that empower girls and young women. For children seeing is believing so it is critical to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) success to provide diverse learning resources, story books and images staring female and minority characters. Listen to the interview HERE

Mariela Dabbah

Next Generation of Women Leaders + Discrimination – Does race make a difference in gender balance

Mariela Dabbah – Founder of the Red Shoe Movement. Professional success instigator. Consultant. International Speaker for Fortune 500’s, Harvard, Princeton and large non-profits. Facilitator. One of People en Español’s ’25 Most Powerful Women.’ 7 award winning, best-selling books on education, career development & success. Media contributor CNN, Univision, Telemundo, Yahoo, & many others. Listen to the interview HERE

Whitney Buchanan

How Freedom of Speech, Human Rights and Religious Tolerance support Women’s Empowerment

Whitney Buchanan – founder of Middle East Collective. She founded MEC as a result of the increased levels of Islamophobia in America, partially due to U.S. presidential candidates’ political debates and the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels. She strongly believes in religious freedom, diversity, gender equality, LGBTQI inclusion, universal human rights, and freedom of speech. She obtained her Master of Global Affairs from the American University in Cairo. Whitney has lived in Turkey, Egypt, Germany, and Uganda since 2009, which has shaped her worldview and love for the MENA region. Born in Tennessee, Whitney spent her adolescent years below the Mason-Dixon line, where she began advocating for women’s empowerment and religious tolerance. Listen to the interview HERE

Shola Mos-Shogbamimu

Corporate + Social Responsibility, Ambitious Women + Leadership

Shola Mos-Shogbamimu is a dual qualified lawyer with broad corporate and commercial experience in the financial services industry with key focus on corporate investment banking and asset management. She is the Editor of the quarterly global Women in Leadership publication and also a Huffington Post contributor. She founded the legal consultancy company, Legal Distinction, to provide strategic legal risk management to SMEs. She has a decade of experience facilitating effective decision making to deliver key mandates; brokering strong alliances and cultivating productive relationships to influence and shape outcomes. Shola is passionate about diversity, socio-legal values and mentoring people to be visionary and achieving their goals. Listen to the interview HERE

Dorie Clark

Business Strategy and Generating Multiple Revenue Streams for Greater Success

Dorie Clark is an adjunct professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and the author of Reinventing You and Stand Out, which was named the #1 Leadership Book of 2015 by Inc. magazine, one of the Top 10 Business Books of the Year by Forbes, and was a Washington Post bestseller. A former presidential campaign spokeswoman, the New York Times described her as an “expert at self-reinvention and helping others make changes in their lives.” She is a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, TIME, and Entrepreneur. Recognized as a “branding expert” by the Associated Press, Inc., and Fortune, Clark is a marketing strategy consultant and speaker for clients including Google, Microsoft, Yale University, Fidelity, the U.S. State Department, and the World Bank. She is also a producer of a multiple Grammy-winning jazz album. Listen to the interview HERE

Emeric Bastid

What CEOs Expect + Women’s Careers in the Transport Industry

Emeric Bastid: CEO/Managing Director GLS France (Royal Mail Group). Experienced international Director for Europe and Africa, previous business experience LatAm. Main fields logistics and previously food industry. Specialist in areas – New product and national brand communication; Supply chain and flow just in time; strategic action through relevant segmentation; participative objective-based management of functional and operational teams, based on principles of action; careful resource management and optimisation. Strong supporter of gender balance and equal opportunities. Listen to the interview HERE

Elaine Slatter

Developing Entrepreneurial Skills + Women’s Strengths in Business

Elaine Slatter – Founder of Fabulous Fempreneurship and author of the book by the same name. Founder and Principal of XL Consulting Group, a small business advisory company helping businesses with business and marketing strategy, web design and branding. Previously Country Manager/Director Marketing Administration of Victor Technologies International for Canada.. Listen to the interview HERE

Pat Duckworth

Empowering Older Women Entrepreneurs + Mind/Body Techniques to Support Our Wellness

Pat Duckworth is a best-selling author, therapist and international public speaker. She specializes in helping women at midlife particularly those who are experiencing menopause symptoms. She is sought-after as a speaker for organisations and groups on a wide range of subjects including how to become a midlife entrepreneur, and using mind/body techniques to overcome obstacles to wellbeing. Pat has published four books including the award-winning, ‘Hot Women, Cool Solutions; How to control menopause symptoms using mind/body techniques’ and the #1 International Bestseller, ‘Hot Women Rock: How to discover your midlife entrepreneurial mojo.’ Listen to the interview HERE

Dr Rebecca Moore

How to Support Good Emotional Health (reduce anxiety, stress) – Managing Pre + Post-Natal – Practical tips health, diet + exercise!

Dr Rebecca Moore is an expert in Women’s emotional health especially with pregnancy and the early postnatal period. She is a mother which continually informs her care and gives her a personal understanding of how women juggle demanding careers and being a parent all at once! Dr Moore is passionate about providing women with high quality informed care that offers a holistic choice including diet, exercise, hormones and/or therapy. Rebecca writes and speaks widely and her first book on reducing psychological trauma is due to be published next year. She works in the NHS and privately in London. Listen to the interview HERE

JoAnn Hamilton

Supporting Female Talent + How does risk and security affect women’s choices compared to men’s

Jo-Ann Hamilton is the Founder of SecretBirds, an emerging market entrepreneurship community for women and girls. Her professional and academic experience spans North America, the Caribbean and Europe. Prior to founding SB, she worked in the construction and property industry for a decade. She’s also been a freelance writer and consultant to social enterprises. Listen to the interview HERE

Beth Budd Bandler

Women in Very Male Sectors + Whether We Lose Respect and Femininity

Beth Budd Bandler, is chartered director, corporate lawyer, former C suite executive of global public companies, and company director. Beth’s experience covers manufacturing, diamond mining and aerospace as well as luxury goods (Harry Winston, Inc.) from corporate governance to mergers, to acquisitions to start ups. Beth currently is on the board of directors of Magellan Aerospace Corporation and is looking for another board appointment. Listen to the interview HERE

James Bargeron

Evolving to Genuine Gender Balance + Additional Challenges in Traditional Male Sectors like Oil/Shipping

James Bargeron spent almost 30 years in shipping/oil industry, negotiating complex legal contracts for the transportation of oil across the globe. He set up a niche brokerage firm at the age of 22 along with 2 others, working with some of the worlds leading oil trading and oil companies. With the global financial meltdown and subsequent fall from grace, James’ career path took him in a completely new direction; but not before spending much time reflecting on where did it all go wrong. Or did it? Now on his 2nd career as a speaker, trainer and coach focusing on high performance and leadership, he enjoys working with people who aspire to achieve more in life. Listen to the interview HERE

Tulia Lopes

Assertive Communication for effective leadership + Defining the level of leadership development to go to the top

Tulia Lopes believes communication is the key to develop and excel in any field in life. Her background in architecture gives her the skills to understand, connect and bring solutions to people’s needs. Her experience in leading positions in the IT environment, together with being an entrepreneur for over 15 years, motivated her to support women to have an assertive voice. In 2014 she founded the AWE Summit event to Give Voice to Women. Next September she will launch the Speak Up & Lead Academy, to foster Female Global Leaders. Tulia is the author of Leading in High Heels, and an international speaker. Listen to the interview HERE

Rachel Smets

Self Confidence, Stopping Comparisons with Others, Empowerment + Freedom of Choice

Rachel Smets is a bestselling author, TEDx speaker, Lecturer International Business, and Cross-Cultural Trainer. She helps people understand cultural nuances and enjoy their new surroundings abroad, while boosting their confidence level to achieve their goals and dreams! Her bestseller ‘’Awaken your confidence’’ explains how you can build confidence step by step. Her newest book Living abroad Successfully: What, Where, When, Howis a complete and practical guide with everything you need to know when deciding to live abroad. Listen to the interview HERE

Alexis Costello

What is Empowerment without Mind-Body Health + What Specialized Kinesiology can do for Women!

Alexis Costello has been a Touch for Health instructor for over 10 years and is now an Instructor Trainer, teaching the next wave of teachers. As one of a small handful of SIPS (Stress Indicator Point System) instructors in the world and the creator of the GEMS program, she travels internationally to speak about and teach these modalities to others. Publisher of the international journal Specialized Kinesiology Magazine, she is striving to help other holistic practitioners succeed. Alexis is certified in many aspects of holistic healing including herbology, aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, N.O.T (Neural Organizational Technique), Brain Formatting, and massage. Canadian born, she moved in 2016 to Costa Rica with her family to live self-sufficiently in the jungle. Listen to the interview HERE

Alice Beveridge

Fulfilment and Flourishing – How Inspiration and Enlightenment bring Success

Alice Beveridge, a psychologist and former primary teacher, with a masters in Applied Positive Psychology, is a director of the cutting edge motivation and personal development organisation Tree Of Knowledge. She combines positive psychology research, theory and intervention to help organisations and individuals recognise the aspects of their life from which they derive most meaning. Alice promotes the importance of engagement and recognition of our strengths to allow us all to flourish in our own way. Listen to the interview HERE

Luc Valaize

What CEOs look for + Establishing high-level corporate leadership for gender equality

Luc Valaize – International CEO – formerly Citelum (Renewables and Environment) in 14 countries including Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Mexico, Spain, USA, UK, France, Italy, Chile, India… A subsidiary of EDF Group. Previously CEO Tiru Group (Energy from Waste) A subsidiary of EDF Group, GDF Suez, Veolia. Visiting Professor at HEC Management Business School, Paris. Listen to the interview HERE

Laura Martinez Alvaro

Participatory Gender Audits + How They Help…

Laura Martinez Alvaro – Partner-director at BreakTheGap, specialist consultants for gender diversity balanced organizations – diagnosis and audits, female retention plans, training, coaching, etc. Collaborator in gender consulting and diversity programs within United Nations system’s agencies. Previously worked at Accenture as a strategy and change management international consultant for more than 17 years in public, private and NGOs. Also worked for the Spanish Foreign Affairs Office at the UN General Direction. Promoter of STEM careers for female students in Universities and Business Schools.. Listen to the interview HERE

Sarah Broad

Benefits of Flexible Working + Why it is a Win-Win for Companies and Employees!

Sarah Broad – Sarah has worked in recruitment and HR for over 20 years predominantly in professional services, insurance and tech firms including Ernst &Young, BDO and Yahoo. In this time, she developed significant expertise in flexible working, managing flexible working teams as well as managing a rising number of employee requests for increased flexibility. In September 2016, Sarah set up www.attunejobs.com a jobsite specialising in part-time, job-shares and flexible working roles to match up job seekers seeking increased flexible working with businesses that understand the need to embrace a more agile workplace, delivering benefits to all. Listen to the interview HERE

Ceri Wheeldon

Authenticity in Success + Investing in Your Future

Ceri Wheeldon - Founder and Editor  of  the website Fab after Fifty - offering inspiration and information to women to make sure the second half of their lives is the best half.  Challenging perception of women and age! Former international headhunter  whose assignments spanned continents- and who is used to succeeding in a male dominated industry.  Champion of the older worker. Listen to the interview HERE

Lisa Goll

The Role of Women in Literature + How books can support empowerment + Women Writers and Careers

Lisa Goll – As Manager of the Bloomsbury Institute, Lisa Goll programmes an array of unmissable events for writers and book lovers at Bloomsbury UK’s London headquarters. With many years spent in Publishing and Events, Lisa strives to connect today’s most inspiring voices to avid audiences and produce thought-provoking events for all. Outside of her work at the Institute, Lisa created the London Writers’ Cafe, London’s largest creative writing community, where she still hosts workshops and talks for the city’s emerging creative writers. Share your favourite reads and events with her on Twitter @LisasShare. Listen to the interview HERE

Jules Bannister

Creative Careers + (Older) Women in the Performing Arts

Jules Bannister was born and bred in London, is married and a mother to three adult children.  Jules' career history is a colourful mix of journalism and professional acting and singing with production work in BBC Radio and the music business in between.

Jules is passionate about women's rights and at 63 she continues to defy any suggestion that age is a barrier to being and doing whatever we aspire to. Listen to the interview HERE

Frederique Cintrat

How to Build an Effective Network + What you need to take into account with Start-Ups

Frederique Cintrat – Founder of Assurancielles and Axielles.com France. Sales and marketing director for many years in finance and insurance. Winner of the Insurance Saleswoman and Businesswoman of the Year as well as several other awards. Advocate for women’s opportunities, gender balance, professional development and the ‘silver’ economy. Lecturer on management in business schools. Recognised for her expertise in the silver economy, ambition and networking. Author of “Comment l’ambition vient aux filles?“. Listen to the interview HERE

Ruth Sacks

Education, Training and Professional Development for Women

Ruth Sacks – Business Development Director, Westminster Business School & Principal Lecturer. Director at London’s biggest business school, expertise in consultancy and project management. Initiated a number of creative leadership programmes which offer an original approach to senior professional development. Successfully launched Women for the Board which is recognised as an innovative and ambitious approach to promoting women’s development at a senior level. Listen to the interview HERE

Patricia Allen

Financial Freedom and its impact on Women’s Empowerment

Patricia Allen, CRPC®, is an author, speaker and financial adviser specialising in helping women navigate the complex world of personal finance and wealth management. As a professional woman working in a male-dominated field for over 22 years, Patricia has recognized that a woman’s style of communication and ways of learning are different than most men. She has a proven track record for providing an environment that supports women’s natural style of communicating by helping ​them​ leverage their strengths to accomplish more with their money and take control of their financial lives. Listen to the interview HERE