We are delighted to introduce the new, dynamic addition to the WomenUP family...

Meet Jules Bannister

As a roving Journalist for WomenUp Radio and WomenUp Global, I am on a mission in my own unique fashion, to empower women by not only supplying them with information that gives them career or business choices they may not be aware of,  but the psychological tools (I met this phrase during a few months of therapy) with which to arm themselves with courage and self belief. I am dedicated to the theory that achieving both career and life fulfillment depends entirely on one person, YOU.

As a now senior member of the 'lack of self esteem and major worrier Club' I have learnt more and more as I age how to constantly re-align the noisy jostling thoughts that compete for attention. These days I allow positivity to govern my choices even though it is occasionally a losing battle!

I am a crusader for women and am against both agesim and stereotyping. I hope to both enlighten and entertain WomenUP Radio and WomenUP Global audiences and assist them on their path to empowerment and life fulfillment.

Jules... the inside story 😉

I need to start by saying that whilst I can lay claim to a couple of 'A' levels, I did not go to University, however I hold a Masters Degree in life experience. I attended a girls only Grammar school, and as a teenager who when faced with what seemed like petty rules that had no connection with education, constantly asked 'why?' - I was  not popular with my teachers. I have continued to ask 'why' regarding anything that I consider controversial, confusing or just plain stupid!

With a strong desire to be a journalist I started work as an Editiorial Assistant on Modern Mother, a self explanatory magazine for women. I was then promoted to feature writer and interviewer for Popster, a teen magazine in which I interviewed such bands as The Bay City Rollers, Mud, Sweet and Slade and not forgetting David Essex. I also had a teen 'agony aunt' column called 'Jot it to Julie' (don't ask!).

Unfortunately all these publications eventually 'folded' (an industry term for 'went bust') and despite applications to  the Daily Mail; Cosmopolitan which was a brand new publication at the time and Living Magazine, I was unable to continue in journalism at that time.

I then became a Promotions Assistant in Phonogram Records, getting our records played on Radio and our bands appearing on Top of the Pops and other TV variety shows.  I then moved on to the BBC in radio 4 as a Production Assistant working in studios for the Drama (Play for Today etc.), Current Affairs (the Today programme) and Consumer (You and Yours) departments.

Whilst at the BBC I joined Ariel Theatre Company - an amateur dramatics society and fell back in love with performing, something I had adored since primary school.  I discovered through increased confidence that I had my share of talent and I decided I had to go pro. I put myself through some professional training (better late than never) and attempted to launch myself as an actress.

I have spoken of falling in love with performing, but whilst at the Beeb, I fell in love and ended up marrying the father of my three children.  Unfortunately after 12 years together, I became suddenly single with three young children, a learning curve if ever there was one!  After 5 years I met, cohabited and married a life long professional musician and ended up singing professionally in several covers bands at Social clubs, corporate events, weddings and parties. This was followed by a desire at age 51, to re-start my acting career. I joined Equity, the actors union, and enjoyed working in fringe theatre and corporate videos.

Finally I am back to my future - journalism and I am pleased to have the opportunity to share my way with words with WomenUP Radio and WomenUP Global.

It is unnecessary to regret or apologise for making multiple changes both in career and personal life as it shows fluidity and drive, both necessary to get you where you want to be.

Right now, I am totally thrilled to be here with you!