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Join us on WomenUP Radio with our guest Lisa Goll, manager of the Bloomsbury Institute – which has a fabulous series of events for writers and book lovers – and creator of the London Writer’s Café. We will be discussing:

– Opportunities for women in the creative field, publishing, writing and event management.  Sectors which offer more options or possibilities. Qualifications needed vs learning on the job

 – The role of women in literature, how this has changed and developed, both inside the covers of the book and in the world surrounding wirting and publishing.

– Becoming a writer, the tips and strategies to get that book written.  How to get published, agents, support and getting it out there.

– Changes in the industry over the years. Effect of technology and globalisation.

Listen to Lisa’s experience, advice and tips on writing and publishing!



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Lisa Goll – As Manager of the Bloomsbury Institute, Lisa Goll programmes an array of unmissable events for writers and book lovers at Bloomsbury UK’s London headquarters. With many years spent in Publishing and Events, Lisa strives to connect today’s most inspiring voices to avid audiences and produce thought-provoking events for all. Outside of her work at the Institute, Lisa created the London Writers’ Cafe, London’s largest creative writing community, where she still hosts workshops and talks for the city’s emerging creative writers. Share your favourite reads and events with her on Twitter @LisasShare


Lisa’s social media:

LinkedIn: Lisa Goll

Bloomsbury Institute:

Website: Bloomsbury Institute

Twitter: @BloomsburyInst

Facebook: Bloomsbury Publishing

Events coming soon at Bloomsbury:

You can see a very brief clip of Jenny Landreth and Vivienne Rickman-Poole at the Bloomsbury Institute on May 4th (48sec). Obviously a very fun time was had by all!


London Writers’ Cafe



Lisa has also given us a list of other links which either are helpful to budding writers and book lovers or are topics mentioned during our interview… ENJOY!!

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**‘Views expressed within this interview belong to Lisa Goll and may not reflect that of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc’

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Anna Letitia Cook

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