Unstoppable Goddess Life Design

Whatever your skills, whatever your passions, create the future that gives your life zing!

The easy to follow, effective, inspiring and innovative online training and mentoring programme including step-by-step guides, downloadable slides, video, audio, worksheets, exercises and regular webinars.

A fulfilling, dynamic experience that not only gives you in-depth strategies and development for your professional, life, career choices and goals with 'SCOPE for Career Fulfilment', but also focuses on the other equally important, and wonderfully energising '4Fs for Holistic Success', with the pillars of Fuel, Fitness, Freedom and Fulfilment, to create balance and happy, positive energy in all areas of your life.

Innovative Young Exec?

Entrepreneurial Business Creator?

Dynamic Silver Goddess?

Using the SCOPE process and the 4Fs as part of the Unstoppable Goddess Life Design, you will find the personal and career fulfilment you want and deserve. 

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Online membership programme for creative and fulfilment focused women 

My core programme is 'The Unstoppable Goddess Life Design' where you will discover the best way to create your own fulfilment and success via modules, worksheets and live webinars.

Members get access to step-by-step guides on how to work through the most effective ways of overcoming doubts, frustrations and non-inspirational situations.

You will reveal and utilise your main strengths, skills and passions to help you in finding the best way forward for you.

You will accelerate and improve your career, focusing on your values, vision and objectives.

We work together, so you gain perspective on your situation, take the essential steps to identify what you want and develop a strategic plan for getting where you want to go, turning your hopes and dreams into reality.  With effective techniques, strategies and actions, you create a happier, more fulfilling future.

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True success, true happiness lies in freedom and fulfilment.

Dada Vaswani

*Also available (as an extra): The Unstoppable Goddess Experience, with one-on-one Mentoring 

To complement and intensify the core Unstoppable Goddess Life Design. In depth mentoring leading to a greater understanding and development of your creative and fulfilment objectives.

Helps to build strong and centred work (and life) relationships, based on freedom of choice, leading to positive progress and increased opportunity for true enjoyment of the journey and not just the destination.

⇒  You will become aware of your predeterminations and discover how to manage them to achieve optimal results by aligning and refining your beliefs.
⇒  You will discover how to integrate your passions and develop your talents, incorporating these into your daily life, creating fun, energy and opportunity to maximise your zing!