Are you authentic?  How can you be more authentic and why should you be?

Do you know what it really is –

  • The quality of being real or true*
  • Of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine**
  • Relating to or denoting an emotionally appropriate, significant, purposive, and responsible mode of human life**

According to Cambridge* and Oxford** dictionary


Why is this so important to us?

Because if we are authentic we feel at one with ourselves. Sometimes it seems difficult to do when you have pressure from others all around you with their own opinions and beliefs. You might want to go in one directions, or make a certain choice and your family are horrified…

For me, the first time, it was refusing to audition for ballet school – my mother nearly throttled me then, she was so cross! I have to admit that was early teenage rebellion and not one of my better rebellious decisions. Then later on, leaving school, it was refusing to sit the Oxbridge exams – that time it was the nuns and teachers who were furious with me, honour of the school and all that!

I have continued to upset the applecart on a regular basis ever since – lol. But the importance is that you listen to your inner voice and make the decision that you want to make and that you are comfortable with, whatever it is…

Soul is about authenticity. Soul is about finding the things in your life that are real and pure. John Legend.

When you are authentic you feel comfortable in your own skin, you feel value in what you are doing, you reduce the everyday doubts, stresses and anxieties that can so easily wear us down. You have more energy, you are more productive and positivity becomes a regular part of your life!

How can you start to be more authentic?

When you make a choice or decision just listen to your inner voice – does this choice leave you feeling relaxed and happy, even slightly happy is good. Or does it make you feel grumpy and tired. Do you sigh as you make the decision? Do you have doubts and see any challenges surrounding your decision negatively or do you see the ways to overcome these challenges positiviely? Often even our authentic decisions need some work to make the objective actually happen but normally we can tell if it is true to ourself by the emotion we feel about it – positive or negative…

As Eckkie says:

Only the truth of who you are, if realised, will set you free. – Eckhart Tolle

You have to be honest with yourself. Be as authentic and true to yourself as you can… Even if sometimes you may temporarily feel you have to do something you don’t really want to because of other constraints, be totally honest with yourself about why you are doing this – it frees the mind and starts you on the road to greater authenticity. Just the fact of knowing why you have made the decision gives us freedom as we have made our own choice on why we do something!

You may like to listen to an interview I did with Ceri Wheeldon, international headhunter and founder of Fab after Fifty on Authenticity in Success and Investing in Your Future. We had a very productive and interesting discussion.

I leave you with the words of the bard:

This above all:
To thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.

– Shakespeare


Anna Letitia Cook
Anna Letitia Cook

Anna Letitia Cook - author, speaker, radio presenter - is passionate about mentoring women in finding clarity and fulfilment in their life choices. She created and became CEO of her first company in the entertainment industry at age 32. Midlife approaching, hungry for a dynamic change, she refocused her experience, founding WomenUP Ltd to help women shape their own future. Creator of the 'SCOPE' and '4Fs' processes for career, fulfilment and holistic success. Author of ‘Unstoppable Goddess: Every Women’s Guide to Freedom, Fulfilment and Success’. UN Women's 2016-2017 Global Champion for Change @ Empower Women. ...On the personal front: Mum, Granny, ‘flattie’ owner, horse lover, ballet fanatic, hiker! Into castle renovations, sculpture, farming, yoga. Drinks tea...